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Airport Parking Charges

Glasgow Airport has introduced changes to their pick-up and drop-off facility. The entry fee for its dedicated pick-up and drop-off facility will be set at £4 for up to 10 minutes from (00.01) on Friday 4 December 2020. This will be added to the final fare.

Glasgow Airport Set Fares


Strathleven from £30 (£34 minibus)

Bellsmyre / Townend from £27 (£31 minibus)

Dumbarton East / Silverton from £26 (£30 minibus)

Dumbarton Quay from £27 (£31 minibus)

Dumbarton K.E.E.P from £27 (£33 minibus)

Milton from £26 (£30 minibus)


Renton from £31 (£36 Minibus)

Levenvale from £33 (£38 Minibus)

Alexandria from £32 (£37 Minibus)

Tullie / Balloch from £34 (£40 Minibus)

Bonhill from £32 (£37 Minibus)

Loch Lomond

Cameron House / Duck Bay from £37 (£44 for minibus)

Gartocharn from £41 (£51 for minibus)

Drymen from £47 (£59 for minibus)

Helensburgh Area

Cardross from £36 (£42 minibus)

Helensburgh from £42 (£50 minibus)

Online Prices not GUARANTEED

These Prices are based on Tariff 1 prices and should be used as a guide at all times. For exact prices based on time of booking please check with an operator

DROP Off Charges

Please remember all drop off charges will be added to the final fare