Eating out?

Going for a meal? Grabbing a drink with friends? Get home safely with a friendly Wright Taxi Driver 🙃🚕

Wright Taxi’s have teamed up with Amsterdam based Taxi Butler to help enable and streamline our booking process for our customers at high booking venues. The new system allows our partner venues too book a taxi on behalf of the customer at the touch of button cutting out the need to call ahead. The Taxi butler will then also show a display indicating what car is coming and gives an accurate ETA via gps on when the car will be arriving.

Currently we have these devices located at Loch Lomond ArmsDuck Bay Hotel, Restaurant & Luxury Cottages , The Tullie Inn & The Queen of the Loch – Just ask the staff to order you a taxi and one our of drivers will be there ASAP to take you home or back to your accommodation 😎🤩